Tuesday, November 24, 2015


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I can hardly contain my excitement because, in case you haven't heard, THANKSGIVING IS JUST TWO DAYS AWAY. No big deal or anything. It's just my favorite holiday (okay, every holiday is my favorite holiday).

After a long (read: treacherous) three months, it's going to be really nice to spend a couple days with my family (and Ryan's!) eating good food and enjoying good company. I think Thanksgiving is underrated due to all the it's-almost-but-not-quite-yet-Christmas-hoopla...which, to be honest, I partake in to some extent. I'm all about being thankful, and I'm also all about eating, thus I am all about this holiday just as much as I am all about Christmas (ahem, Chrismukkah).

This season, I'm thankful for:

-Dark chocolate chips, because they almost mask the taste of the Greek yogurt I've been trying to eat in the morning.
-Kayla Itsines, because her workouts have been kicking my ass lately, in the best way.
-Mother Nature, because it was actually 48 degrees yesterday morning and I got to break out my favorite scarf and my favorite faux leather jacket. I may actually be growing up, because I didn't even take a selfie of my perfectly "fall" outfit. Sigh.
-My parents' premium channel subscriptions, without which we would be unable to watch Homeland and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver every week.
-Dishwashers, because props to everyone who has to live without one...I simply could not do it.

Okay, on a real note: in light of all the tragic events that have occurred in the last few weeks, I am truly thankful just to be healthy, alive, and in the presence of my loved ones this Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for my supporting family, my patient boyfriend, my wild pups, and the opportunities I've taken advantage of over the last year. It truly has been a wonderful year.

What are you thankful for this year?


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