Friday, May 20, 2016

100 Things I Love.

Believe it or not, I wrote this entire list using a pen and paper prior to actually typing it all up. I left my phone in another room and I completely did away with all "outside noise." I didn't want to think too hard about this list, as I wanted it to be authentic and "off the top of my head." Half of these sound pretty vapid, but hey, not everything needs to have some deep, inspiring meaning, right? I think it's okay to let yourself be a Simpleton every once in awhile, especially when it comes to happiness. 

100 Things I Love:

  1. Vanilla soft serve froyo with sprinkles. Rainbow sprinkles, to be exact.
  2. Love stories.
  3. Movies that literally make me 
  4. Movies with Reese Witherspoon. Or Rachel McAdams. Or Jennifer Lawrence.
  5. Movies that make me cry.
  6. Chai tea lattes with soy milk - hot or iced.
  7. Blizzard Beach at Disney World.
  8. Margaritas.
  9. Spicy margaritas.
  10. Champagne.
  11. Emails containing good news.
  12. Paper invitations.
  13. Sparkly anything (as long as it's tasteful).
  14. "How we met" stories.
  15. Learning about the brain.
  16. Perfectly straightened photos.
  17. Neutral nail polish.
  18. Girls nights.
  19. A fresh, new journal.
  20. A jam packed planner.
  21. Pho dates with my mom.
  22. Taylor Swift.
  23. Unexpected compliments.
  24. My perfect pooches.
  25. Hot dogs at Rays games.
  26. The OC.
  27. Grey's Anatomy.
  28. Reconnecting with old friends.
  29. That post-workout endorphin rush.
  30. Salt water.
  31. Getting lost in a new book.
  32. Ryan Patrick Fredericks.
  33. Thai food.
  34. Clothes that fit just right.
  35. Good pens.
  36. New school supplies.
  37. Feeling appreciated.
  38. Basil.
  39. Christmas time.
  40. Actually, the holiday season in general.
  41. California.
  42. Rustic furniture.
  43. Planning vacations.
  44. Weddings. And helping my best friends plan their weddings.
  45. A cup of hot tea.
  46. Giving heart felt advice.
  47. Poodles. Poodle mixes. Poodle anything.
  48. Banana cupcakes.
  49. Cream cheese frosting.
  50. Celebrating.
  51. Beach days.
  52. Remembering to take photos when I'm out with friends.
  53. Hot baths.
  54. Watermelon gum.
  55. Instagram (whoops, guilty).
  56. Candles.
  57. USF football tailgates.
  58. Productive days.
  59. Family time.
  60. Making people laugh.
  61. Proving people wrong (only when necessary! ha.)
  62. Rare tuna.
  63. Watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver with Ryan every week.
  64. Taco nights in.
  65. Double dates.
  66. Engagement rings (refer back to "sparkly anything").
  67. Swimming laps.
  68. Good morning kisses.
  69. Good night kisses. 
  70. Swedish Fish.
  71. Movies based off books.
  72. Hilary Duff.
  73. The comics section of the newspaper.
  74. Coffee dates.
  75. Getting dressed up for date night.
  76. When Ryan is dressed up for date night.
  77. Outdoor markets.
  78. Getting hooked on a new TV show.
  79. Making lists (clearly).
  80. "Me time."
  81. Horses.
  82. Brunch with mimosas.
  83. Sweater weather.
  84. Summer BBQs.
  85. Massages (even though I've never had a professional one! It's on my to-do...).
  86. Taking off my bra at the end of a long night.
  87. Putting money into my savings account.
  88. Old, comfortable t-shirts.
  89. Getting A's.
  90. Packages in the mail.
  91. HBO's Girls.
  92. Making plans.
  93. Coming home from a busy day to a clean apartment.
  94. Random snuggle sessions with Ryan + the pooches.
  95. Cards Against Humanity.
  96. Cute mugs.
  97. Funny YouTube videos.
  98. Traveling on airplanes.
  99. Traveling anywhere, any how, period.
  100. When someone tells me they love my blog ;)
Happy Friday, everyone!


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