Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Solitary Sunday Morning.

A solitary Sunday morning with me looks a lot like staying in bed for almost an hour after waking up. Stuffed like a happy sausage under our fluffy white comforter and hanging twinkly lights, I’m in no real rush to begin “real life” as I don’t have any real place to be. No work, no class, no plans – I know that I am free to sloth, and if I choose to relish in that fact until 10:30 a.m., so be it.

Ryan takes the dogs out, dresses up in his quirky golf attire (striped polo and a backwards hat), and kisses me goodbye. He locks the door behind him, and I think long and hard about all of the productive, creative things I could do…as I continue to sloth.

A solitary Sunday morning with me looks a lot like brewing coffee. Not to drink, but because it makes our 815 square feet smell so damn good. I consider pouring myself a cup, and then remember we don’t have any creamer. While I commend Ryan for being able to throw back his coffee black and sugarless, I am simply not about that life. Thus, I boil some water in the teakettle while making a four egg-spinach scramble.

I flip on Spotify and play a little Norah Jones. I’ve never intentionally listened to Norah Jones a day in my life, but it felt girly and peaceful. I pour my hot tea into a fancy tea cup set, and drown my eggs in Cholula hot sauce while continuing to plan out my blank slate.

A solitary Sunday morning with me looks a lot like reading Me Before You on the couch while debating whether or not to head down to the pool for the second day in a row. I change in and out of my swimsuit three times before finally walking outside to a dark, stormy sky in the distance. Negative. I need to study for neuroanatomy anyway…the joys of summer classes.

At the risk of excessive slothing, I dress myself up in a pair of jeans (despite the 94 degree read on the thermostat) and a blush pink top with a fancy necklace. I pack up my laptop, and I take myself on a fancy study date to Oxford Exchange, complete with a giant chai tea latte and a real grasp on astrocytes.

A solitary Sunday morning with me doesn’t happen very often. I love spending time with my boyfriend, my friends, and my family; I love making plans and creating memories. But there is certainly something to be said about taking some time for yourself, and simply to see where the day takes you. 


  1. So wonderful...makes me want to carve out some time for myself soon!

    1. Do it! Maybe make a little time during Jack's next nap time ;) he is such a little muffin!


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