Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How You Know You've Found "The One" | Vacation Edition.

Not to worry, I'm not going too cheesy on you here.

Summer classes have begun, and it feels like it's been a lifetime since our trip to Asheville last weekend. Alas, back to the flat lands and PowerPoint presentations. Such a glamorous life I lead!

Not that there's ever been a doubt in my mind, but I'm pretty sure this trip solidified that Ryan is most definitely the one for me. He calms my crazy, keeps my negativity in check, and monitors my frozen yogurt addiction. I hate to sound "basic," but truth be told, I can be "a lot to handle," and he keeps me in check. After this trip, he definitely takes the cake for the absolute best travel (and life) partner ever because:

- Between Friday at 5 a.m. and Tuesday at 5 p.m., we were together for more than 96 hours straight. Side by side, one hundred percent attached at the hip, and not a single argument was ignited. 

- Even when a seven minute back to our Air BnB turned into an extra 20 minutes down a random highway after a missed exit. 

- Even when he blatantly did not listen to me say that we need to go straight, as he proceeds to take the righthand exit..."No, Ryan, go straight...STRAIGHT. WHY ARE YOU TURNING RIGHT...ok, well, now Siri wants us to turn back around so we can continue to go straight." 

- He drove the 10 hours from Tampa to Asheville (and back) all by himself. I passed out for about six to seven of those hours both ways, and he never complained once.

- He made us pull over at every single inlet on the Blue Ridge Parkway to get every angle of the mountains with my the one of him jumping in the air like a Jack in the Box. 

- He's always game to go wherever, to eat whatever, to leave whenever. Unlike me, who needs to spend two hours making sure we pick the best restaurant to eat a casual lunch.

- We are 100% comfortable with silence. On a trip where rest and relaxation was at the forefront of my mind, being able to be happily alone with our thoughts (while together) is huge. 

At the risk of getting cheesy, my best "love" advice I can give to anyone is to find someone who thinks fighting is a waste of breath; who believes your quirks to be endearing; who will pull over nearly six times on a ten hour road trip home because you have a bladder infection and his biggest complaint is: "I just wish there was something I could do to make you feel better." Even though sometimes I want to smack him upside the head, I know that I am one lucky girl.

And to think I met him at a bar (insert hair flip emoji here). 


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