Thursday, June 23, 2016

12 Things I was at 24 ::

  1. In love. I moved in with my boyfriend, and we're just past the two and a half year mark (aka my longest relationship). Moving in together was a huge step, but it was (and continues to be) the best thing for our relationship while going back to school. He's a huge reason why I made it through this school year with my head still on straight, and I'm so thankful that I'm the one he still chooses to love every day.
  2. A student (again). By far my biggest obstacle, but it turned out to be one of the very best things to happen to me. It was hard getting back into the swing of things (studying, exams, homework, etc.) but I managed! 
  3. Hardworking. I've never pushed myself harder than I did during my 24th year, especially in my fall semester when I was busting my ass to create a decent resume for grad school. From volunteering at the hospital to late night study dates and picking up extra shifts when I could, I really burned myself out. But it was worth it.
  4. Rejected. By most of the schools I applied to. Until I was...
  5. Accepted into graduate school. Sometimes I still can't believe this one. I think it was after this point that I began to feel like my true self again. No more wondering where we would move, how we would move, what we would do, how we could do it, because I got into my top choice. Nothing topped that feeling.
  6. Brunette...and then blonde. I dyed my hair dark, dark brown and loved it...until I decided I was not destined for the brunette life, so I went a little lighter. And then just two days ago, I went back to what I've always been: blonde. It felt good to change!
  7. Overwhelmed. I cried a lot this year. Changing your life for a new career will do that to you. Ah, stress!
  8. Indecisive. I seriously cannot make any decision, big or small, without weighing in on other people's opinions. I'm forever in fear of making a bad call.
  9. A BBG girl. I completed Kayla Itsine's BBG 1 two times, and now I'm on to BBG 2. It's the first time I've committed to fitness in awhile, and it feels good! (most days).
  10. A procrastinator. This behavior didn't start at 24, and it probably won't end there either. Although I should probably figure out some way to fix that before starting grad school in August...
  11. Broke. Not going to tip toe around that one: this year was my first as a real broke college student. I could afford everything I needed, but my frivolous purchases at Target rapidly dwindled and I can't even remember the last time I went shopping for clothes. #Adulting?
  12. Happy. Not always, and not even often. 24 left me stressed, sad, confused, and hopeless a good chunk of the time (applying to grad school will do that to you!). But it also brought me new friends, a new apartment with my boyfriend, and a new perspective. I learned a lot about myself this year, and thankfully, I had a really fantastic group of people to do life with. 24 was definitely a tough year, but I can truly say that I'm happy with where I ended up and where I'm going.

Ringing in the big "25" tomorrow! I'll see ya on the other side.



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