Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin.

While Florida is known for it's sunshine, what a lot of non-Floridians don't know is that when it rains here, it pours. Especially around here in Tampa Bay, it feels like just over an hour of straight rain leads to flash flooding. With Tropical Storm Colin making his way through the state, the last two days have been crazy around these parts, from manatees floating into backyards from canals to major roads and bridges shutting down entirely.

Personally, this is my happy weather. I love waking up to gray skies and thunder rumblings, especially when I have plenty of time to lounge. Most days I miss having a full time, Monday through Friday, steady income job (just two more years until that can be me again! ha), but on days like today, I love having a flexible schedule.

For me, rainy days mean a whole lot of: 

  • Cleaning the apartment from top to bottom.
  • Pulling out my acrylic and watercolor paints and getting creative.
  • Brewing some tea and curling up on the couch with the pups and a movie I've never seen before.
  • Updating my planner with new goals for the incoming week/month.
  • Browsing some new blogs and brainstorming new content for my little corner of the internet.

Do you relish in rainy days? Any Floridians out there braving the storm? Stay dry!



  1. I'm with you-I love rainy days! Unfortunately, Colin stole our power, which makes rainy days waaaay less fun.

    1. Ugh, no power in Florida during the summer is the absolute worst. Hope that didn't last too long!

  2. I'm with you! We didn't get as much rain on this side of town (Citrus Park) as everyone in South Tampa did, but I'm glad I had the day off as well. I spent most of the day reading :)

    1. I feel like south Tampa always gets so crazy! Such beautiful homes down there, but I don't think I envy their flood insurance. Reading is the best way to spend a rainy day!


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