Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hello, June 2016.

Six months into the year, and two months out from graduate school. 344 days into my 24th year, and 22 days away from the start of my 25th. Time flies when you're having fun, huh? This is the month I say goodbye to 24, and hello to 25. It's the month of my first (and second) neuroanatomy exam. It's also the month that I finally update my blog template (someone hold me to this! and any recommendations?!). This month,

Less is More:

Less gossip, more learning.
Less sugar, more water.
Less scrolling, more reading.
Less guessing, more research.
Less sleeping, more studying.
Less clothing, more sweating.
Less spending, more saving.
Less wishing, more hard work.
Less lounging, more running.
Less 24, more 25.

What do you want to do less of this month? What do you plan to work on?



  1. Oh I definitely need to get on the "less spending, more saving" kick this month too! And happy birthday month :)

    1. It's so hard to do! So far so good, though. Thank you! :)


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