Friday, May 2, 2014

Work hard, work harder.

I started this week with a full heart - inspired, motivated, ready to work. As I came into work yesterday morning, I felt myself deflating. I wasn't where I wanted to be, I was short, I was losing hope. I could feel myself getting distracted. I could feel my pipeline of business cards staring at me - laughing, holding rejection above my head. It's silly how inanimate have that kind of effect on me.

It took about a fifteen minute pity party for me to reverse the deflation. I picked up the phone and I started calling. I made conversation. I was politely rejected. I hung up the phone and dialed again. And again. And again. I stopped letting a plastic telephone and a piece of card stock define me, or hold me back for that matter. It was a fleeting 30 minutes with absolutely no luck, but I could feel myself trying.

Genuine success rarely establishes overnight. Whether it's working out, or a career takes time and effort. I figure, as long as I can feel myself trying - really trying my best - then I'm happy. It's never easy, but maybe one day it will be.

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