Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sowwy, guys.

For the few of you who actually read this bad boy on the regular, I'm sorry my posts have been so sporadic lately. Half the time (at least this week...month end, my fave!) I'm utterly consumed with work, or running errands, spending time with friends/family/Ryan, etc. 

...the other half? I just have no idea what to write about. I don't know what's worth writing about, or what people would care about. 

I guess that's kind of the cool thing about blogging - it's not for anyone else. I don't expect to ever make money from this blog. I don't expect to become a famous blog. Hell, I don't expect more than five people to view this blog per day. I write here (and in my own personal journal) so I can remember later how I felt, what I thought, or what I wanted in the past. 

So here's to not caring! I don't know what I want to post about, but I know I want to post more often. That's a start, right? XO


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