Thursday, October 9, 2014

Engagement season.

^ My roommate's engagement ring...isn't it a beaut?! 

Can we just talk about how everyone is getting engaged? Maybe not everyone, but I know five girls who have been proposed to in the last month alone, one of which happens to be my roommate. What a crazy, exciting, wonderful time!

When all your friends start to get engaged, it's only natural to look down at your left finger and think 'I could use something sparkly on here.' Of course you could. Who wouldn't love a diamond ring? Actually, my sister is the exception to this rule - she had an amber engagement ring...but I digress.

It's easy for the non-engaged to get caught up in the moment and think "I want a wedding! I want a ring! I want to say yes to the dress! I want all the things!" I catch myself doing it as well. During engagement season, there are a few things we girls in committed relationships without rings need to keep in mind:
  1. Remember that a wedding is merely a [super fun] party to celebrate the love shared between two people. Wanting to organize seating charts, send out invitations with perfect calligraphy, pick the perfect dress and create the perfect flower arrangement is not a reason to want to get engaged. 
  2. Remember that an engagement ring is also a mere symbol of the love shared between two people. Wanting pretty, sparkly things is not a reason to want to get engaged.
  3. Remember that getting engaged/getting married will not save a bad relationship. Once social media 'likes' start to dwindle, and the post-wedding thank you notes are mailed, married couples are a lot like not married couples...just with a lot of added responsibility. Marriage will not change a cheater, a liar, or someone who is just plain ol' mean. Wanting someone to change is not a reason to want to get engaged.
Let's get real. I have a wedding Pinterest board...we all have wedding Pinterest boards. It's exciting to think about 'One Day' and your future with your significant other. But it's equally as exciting to enjoy the dating phase of any relationship, and not to rush the big stuff that will eventually happen.

On that note...I am SO excited for all of the weddings I'll get to attend in 2015...keep 'em coming, guys :) XO


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