Monday, October 20, 2014

Sale Shopping Mission...Complete.

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I headed to the outlet mall Saturday afternoon on the way to my friend's bridal shower. It's about 45 minutes south of where I live, so I don't head down there too often. When I do stop and shop, my go-to is J. Crew Factory. Regular J.Crew is just a leeeelte pricey for my taste, but the Factory's sales are typically too good to pass up. 

The trouble with sales is that I'll just see '50% OFF!' and go nucking futs and buy all the things and most of those things are unnecessary. Pretty, but unncessary. This time, I went inside solely for the purpose of adding a few key pieces to my Fall wardrobe, a.k.a. my Savannah trip wardrobe. This is what I came up with: 

Factory waffle sweater in Colorblock here - I've been looking for an oversize sweater, and while this doesn't exactly fit the wishlist, it was too comfy to pass up. Plus, it fits perfectly into my wardrobe color palette of gray, gray and more gray. Or is it grey? Life's questions.

Factory three quarter sleeve tee in Heather Chrome here - Brought this baby home only to remember that I bought an identical three quarter sleeve shirt in heather gray two weeks ago. Whoops. Still, this one is super lightweight compared to the other one. I fought the urge to buy every color they had.

Factory classic button-down shirt in flannel in Buffalo Blue here - This is probably my first real flannel shirt I've owned since I was little. It's pretty thick, but SO soft. I was thinking I could either wear it by itself or layer it with a navy tank top. I'll definitely have to wait for the cooler weather to wear this one.

Factory Gigi jodhpur pant here - My black skinny pants recently died on me, so I've been scouring shops high and low for a new pair. These fall more under the category of leggings, but they're not quite 'jeggings.' I saw them on The Lauren Elizabeth about a month ago, and I loved the leather detail. Turns out they fit like a glove and I caught them on a good sale. Easy peasy.

Giraffe necklace - Didn't see this bad boy on the website, but I thought he was too cute. Because he's so tall, Ryan sometimes refers to himself as a giraffe, so I told him it'd be like I have him with me all the time! Just kidding...but seriously. 

If you're a student (or if you've graduated and you're lucky enough to not have an expiration date on your ID), USE IT HERE. I saved almost $30 with that bad boy. And I will continue to use it until I'm 40. And I don't see an issue with that. XO



  1. LOVE the color block sweater! Try the Banana & Loft outlets too, they rock!

    1. Thank you! I love the Banana outlet, I just didn't have time that day. I've never checked out Loft though. Thanks for the tip! Love your blog, by the vicariously through you and your stomach! :)


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