Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A List of Happy, pt. 6

I've been wearing one of Ryan's t-shirts to a dress. It's so roomy in here.
Having lost almost six pounds in the last month. Small victories.
The last lick of cream cheese frosting from a slice of gourmet bakery made hummingbird cake.
Finally ordered my first package of frank coffee scrub.
When I come home to my parents' house and my dog, Micki, throws himself on the tile floor and demands his belly to be rubbed.
Discovering new music. If you're an active Spotify user and love acoustic music, check out their Afternoon Acoustic playlist under browse. On repeat.
24 days until our long weekend in Savannah. Errrmehgerrrd.
Coming to terms with my own personality flaws, and working toward overcoming them.


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