Thursday, October 16, 2014

Three Steps to Perfect Curls.

One question I get asked a lot whether I'm at work or posting rand-o pictures on Twitter is how I curl my hair. Lemme just's been a lawwwwng, long road of finding the perfect curling tool, and ya know, figuring out how to turn my wrists every which way without giving myself a third degree burn. The number of hair curlers/straighteners/crimpers (yes...crimpers) I've owned over the years is relatively embarrassing, but I've finally nailed a three step process that keeps my curls in tact for up to three days. 

Perfect Curls.

Step one: Remington ceramic pearl wand. I believe I have the 1.5 inch barrel, which I'm almost positive you can get on Amazon for less than $30. It comes with a little mitten to keep from burning your hand which, personally, I never use. I love that this one doesn't have a clamp, and with the pearl texture, it doesn't feel like it's scorching my hair off my head.

Step two: HAIRSPRAY. My hair is naturally pretty straight, and it falls really quickly if I don't add hairspray after each curl and as part of my finishing touches. I've had this one by Aussie for about a year now (I don't curl my hair super often), and the flexible hold is perfect.

Step three: I switch this part of the routine up sometimes, but this olive oil glossing cream from Fakkai is my favorite. It smells amazing. I just squeeze a little bit between my palms and run it through the ends after my finishing touch of hair spray. I think it adds a soft finish. I got mine from Birchbox, but it's also available at Target.

On my best days of using this process, my hair will turn out like this:

And this was on day 3! Happy curling, friends. XO



  1. Your curls are perfect! I love Brilliant Glossing - it's so good for keeping your curls intact (:

    - Deniz


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