Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy February!

Ready or not, February is already upon us. It feels like I was just popping champagne with Ryan & Einstein to ring in the New Year, and now it's Valentine's Day season. I mean, Hallmark & the candy aisle at Walgreen's have been trying to tell us that since December 26th, but now it's officially the start of candy hearts and Godivas (YES!). 

IMO, I feel like there's far too much negativity surrounding this holiday. "It's not real," "It's all Hallmark's fault," "It's a holiday dedicated to torturing single people." My favorite is when I hear "You should appreciate your significant other every day of the year - not just one day." Obviously I agree wholeheartedly on that front, but can't we say the same for everything? Anniversaries? Birthdays? I mean, if we really want to get technical, we can.

To be honest, I've never had an issue with Valentine's Day. Hell, I've been broken up with on Valentine's Day, and I'm pretty sure I still celebrated that very night! To me, it gives me an excuse to smother my boyfriend with lovins, which is my favorite thing to do anyway. It gives me an excuse to make him a sappy card, or to buy a cute new bra (sorry, mom!). It gives me an excuse to remind him just how much I love him, just how much he means to me, even though I'm pretty sure I over-compliment him enough already.

So here's to February, the unofficial month of lurrrve. Love your family, love your friends, love your boyfriend/girlfriend, love your dog, love your furry feline. Whatever. Just do me a solid, and don't bitch about poor ol' Valentine's Day. Just eat your chocolate, drink your wine, and be happy. How wonderful is it that we have a whole day dedicated to celebrating love? 



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