Monday, February 9, 2015

What not to do when you're sick.

Friday, I felt liquid in my chest. "I don't feel sick or anything, I just keep coughing. I'm not sick."

Saturday, I went to the gym with Ryan and worked legs. I felt relatively puny the entire time, but didn't think much of it. I was still coughing. I sniffled the entire way through American Sniper that night, and not just from tears. Ryan told me I was sick. "I'm not sick."

Sunday, I woke up with my nose stuffed up to my brain, sneezing fits, and lack of voice. Ryan told me I was sick, to which I replied, "I am sick."

What better thing to do when you're sick than complete home projects and clean the entire apartment? I mean, who needs rest when you've been meaning to mount a shelf in the bathroom for two months. 

PSA: Never ask me to mount a shelf. Because I won't understand the directions, I'll screw and unscrew the dry wall insert thingmabob six times, sweat up a feverish storm, and stuff all the gizmos and gadgets into its original box and send it on its merry way back to Target.

Anywho. This isn't a DIY how-to or anything. I'd just spent months underwhelmed with my bathroom in my apartment, so I decided to finally do something about it! 



The canvas was a semi-failed Pinterest DIY, which I decided to keep anyway. The two frames, which are undoubtedly crooked, were $6 each from Marshalls, and the prints came from a gallery wall print art book I bought at Michael's a few months ago. 

Now how many inspirational quotes does one actually need on one wall in their bathroom? Debatable. I have no doubt that my boyfriend will walk out of there emotionally motivated from this point forward. 

Despite the fact that I feel like complete and utter crapola, I feel refreshed. It's crazy what a teeny bit of sprucing up your feng shui can do for your mood, forever proving that you should never, ever settle for what you're unhappy with. Not even a rental bathroom. XO


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