Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Importance of Disconnecting.

Unless you were quite literally born yesterday, you've probably fallen victim to smart phones, tablets, and the social media apps that are undoubtedly scattered throughout each, any, and all of said devices. Or maybe not. Maybe you're one of those people who said "screw it" to all social media, and all you do is play Trivia Crack. Or maybe you don't have any kind of smart device, in which case this post does not apply to you, and good lawwwd if you've made it this far without one, you just keep on keepin' on over there. I am impressed, and perhaps a little afraid of you.

I digress.

This may come as a complete and utter shock to you, but this generation (my generation) has a problem disconnecting themselves from technology. I'm totally speculating on this one, of course. I'm not going to provide you with percentages and pie charts and links...but I'm speaking from my own experience. Hell, I've checked my phone roughly five times in the last paragraph and a half to see if I've missed a text, an Instagram notification, an email. IS MY LIFE HAPPENING WITHOUT ME? I just need to know, and I need to know now.

To an extent, this is all fine and dandy. It's expected nowadays; we all do it. My opinion? There is a time, and there is a place, and most of us are guilty for being oblivious to both. I'll be having a conversation with my boyfriend while he's just sitting there, not looking at me, scrolling endlessly on his phone, checking sports, checking news, and probably "listening" to me. But it doesn't feel that way does it? (Sorry, babe!). I can say that, because I know damn well I have done the exact same thing, probably to him, probably to my friends, probably to my parents. And you know what? It's just not very nice. In fact, it's rude. And I'll happily call myself out on it.

I've been trying, really trying, to be conscious about my own technology habits. I've been trying to put down my iPad and pick up a book. I've been trying to smack my own hand away when I reach down to check my phone while I'm out to dinner. I've been trying really hard to always be present. It's a lot easier said than done, but it is so necessary.



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