Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome, June.

Hello, June.
Hello, official start of Summer.
Hello, birthday month.

Six months into the year, and six months until Christmas time.
Six months into the year, and I'm in a completely different place in my life than I was at the start. Six months from now, I'll be in a completely different place in my life all over again, both literally and figuratively.

While the start of summer means the start of gallivanting about (and there will be plenty of that), June is the month that I need to get serious about things I've been putting off. Like making it a point to get to the gym more than two days a week. Like finally getting my dog set up with a trainer so he can be a little less crazy around new dogs and new people. Like sitting my happy ass down for four hours and taking a practice GRE test before taking the real GRE in July. Like not making excuses anymore.

On a less serious note, I finally get to catch up with all my friends and turn 24 this month! I couldn't be more excited to enter the official 'mid-twenties' stage. I already know this next year is going to be crazy - from weddings to starting school to moving in with my boyfriend - but I am absolutely thrilled to see where it all takes me.

So here's to June! Here's to getting serious, but more importantly, here's to the start of real summer fun.

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