Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On relaxing.

Yesterday was quite literally my only day off this week. Like most of my days off, I had every intention of checking things off of my never ending to-do list. Take Einstein for a walk, go to the gym, buy groceries, do laundry, go to Starbucks and study for four hours, whatever whatever. Then a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to the beach, and just like that, I threw my hands up and said "why the hell not?"

Well, okay, it was entirely a beach day. We started our morning at Bath and Body Works' semi annual sale and relished in half off three wick candles. Obviously I bought three, because I have no self control. That, and when $22 candles are on sale for $11, you just can't say no. Cannot.

The rest of the day was spent consuming Whole Foods made-to-order sandwiches (sundried tomato pesto is literally my new best friend), drinking margaritas on the shore at Whiskey Joe's, and actually getting my hair wet for once at my complex's pool.

By late afternoon, I was freshly showered, exfoliated and moisturized, bra-less in my new romper, finishing up my first book of the summer with a cup of tea. I let my hair dry naturally with no intention of reapplying make up for the rest of the day. I lit my new Honolulu Bay candle and wrapped myself up in a homemade crochet blanket, and drifted off into Napland with my dog for an hour. I woke up feeling completely revitalized, and even found myself wanting to spend the last few hours of the night studying for the GRE.

My days off, while sometimes relaxing, are almost always scheduled with to-do's, appointments, errands, places to go, people to see. I don't think I realized how badly I needed a day completely 100% dedicated to fun, friends, and myself. I feel totally relaxed and ready for the next seven shifts in six days. Maybe this is what the whole "Sunday Funday" concept everyone talks about. Except it was Tuesday. So we'll go with Tuesday Shmoozday.

Happy Hump Day! Do something for yourself today :)


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