Friday, June 12, 2015

Our Chicago Trip, Pt. 2!

Just over a month ago (have I ever mentioned how time flies?!), Ryan and I went to visit my good friend Annalise in Chicago. While this was my third trip in the last couple of years to the Windy City, it was Ryan's first trip, so I wanted to partake in the touristy necessities...first and foremost, the Sears Tower (or the Willis Tower...whatever).

I've wanted to make a trip to the famous Sky Deck on top of the Sears tower since my very first visit to Chicago, but it just never happened. It was either too foggy for decent visibility, or we simply ran out of time. Thus, finally getting up to the Sky Deck was my number one priority our trip!

After getting to bed around 4 a.m. the night before, we got a late start to our day, so obviously we decided to go straight to lunch. I saw someone on my Instagram feed post a picture of some scrumptious looking tacos at a restaurant called Velvet Taco, so I put in a request to go there. I was not disappointed! My favorite was #17, the ahi poke (right).

 [Left: #2 Rotisserie Chicken; Middle: #8 Annatto Shredded Pork; Right #17 Ahi Poke]

[The threeee best fraaaands]

Shortly after, we found ourselves at the stoop of the Willis/Sears Tower...among 50+ people waiting outside in line to do the same thing. I couldn't blame them; it was a perfect afternoon, complete with a cloudless sky, sunshine, and 73 degree weather. We didn't have plans until early evening, so we opted to hop into line. After all, how long could it be?

Two hours. It took us two hours.

But with views like this? Let's just say that it was indeed worth the wait.

Do these photos make you cringe?! After two hours of waiting (and a line of people behind me waiting to take the same picture), I hopped on to that deck like a hot potato...or whatever. I had no issue with the clear glass below, but Ryan took his sweet time crouching down for the picture. Can you tell he's nervous? I guess I understand. I mean, we were standing on a piece of glass 1,353 feet in the air. Makes sense.

Like I said, this incredible experience was well worth the [almost] three hour total trip time and the $19.50 price tag. If you're in the market for a trip to Chicago, this is an absolute must-do. Just make sure you block a good chunk of your day to do it! 

Have you ever walked on to the Sky Deck? Were you scared?! Let me know in the comments :)


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