Thursday, November 17, 2016

Get Bitter or Get Better Byrd.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you know that Ciccio Restaurant Group is no stranger to hitting the nail on the head when it comes to brilliant + innovative restaurant concepts. From a modern twist on Mexican food at Green Lemon, to health-centric inspired Fresh Kitchen and classic diner styled Daily Eats (+ Lodge, Ciccio Cali, & Ciccio/Water!), it seems there isn't anything CRG can't do.

So when I heard about their newest concept, Better Byrd, I could have already told you they were on to something great.

Better Byrd held its official grand opening this past Friday in St. Petersburg, Florida. But before the restaurant opened its doors to the public, my friend Kahla (from Keeping Up With Kahla) and I were invited to join several other Tampa Bay bloggers during their special preview event! We got to sip on chai cold brew & watermelon lemonade (and wine, of course) while gorging ourselves on copious amounts of chicken and mini donuts (YAAAAS, MINI DONUTS!), all while documenting the experience through hashtags: #BetterBloggerSP, specifically. Endless food & beverage, great company, and thousands of uninterrupted photo opportunities? Count. Me. In. 

From sweet potato tots to fried chicken sandwiches and bacon sriracha queso fries, it's safe to say our taste buds were more than satisfied throughout the entirety of the evening. It's also safe to say I gained three pounds in three hours, but that was a risk I was more than willing to take. 

Throw these babies on your "to try" list for your visit (because you must go):

Bacon Sriracha Queso Fries: Um, hello. Bacon + spicy + cheese + a fried potato = literally everything my taste buds could ever dream of and then some.

Cheesy Chick: "Buttermilk fried chicken, whipped goat cheese, and pepper jelly on a homemade English muffin or whole wheat wrap." I'm just going to let that one sink in. 

Sweet Potato Tots: Think of your favorite sweet potato fry. Now think of it as a small, toasty, flavor rich popper. Then add some creamy maple dip to that mix. And then pick up your jaw.

Mini Donuts: I'd specify one, but I simply can't narrow it down. Of all the ones I tried (borderline too embarrassed to admit the actual number), I can't stop thinking about maple bacon walnut, vanilla pebbles, and matcha ginger. 

Not yet tasted by bound to be scrumptious: chicken noodle ramen sriracha soup, chicken bowls, and all-day brunch.

Be the Better Byrd and fly, don't walk, to this exciting new quick service concept. I am 1000% certain that you and stomach will not regret it.  

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