Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Pressure Keeps Building...Introducing Freda James.

I'm not usually one to post about "songs you need to download ASAP!" simply because I feel like I listen to pretty generic, Top 40-esque songs nowadays. I think that as I've gotten older, my desire to hunt down new tracks and unknown artists has dwindled. Long gone are the days of typing "The O.C. season 2 episode 18 Marissa and Ryan scene song" into Google to find my latest song virus. Oh, good times.

Having said all that...

You must download this song, ASAP.

Introducing my boyfriend's sister, Freda James (A.K.A. Jamie Fredericks). Jamie moved to NYC in 2010 to pursue her dreams of singing and songwriting. She's worked so hard for so long, a few weeks back she had the opportunity to fly to California to record her first song...and I am so in love. Neon Gold Records (some of their signed artists include Ellie Goulding & Charlie XCX) released a quick blurb about her earlier in the month, and I have just been such a proud nearly-sister-in-law ever since! about fighting to make a name for yourself in a giant city. This is such a gigantic step for her, and I'm so thrilled to share (unbeknownst to her, of course. Ha!).

So if you're someone who truly does like to hunt down new artists and tracks, give one of my favorite humans a listen. Soundcloud & Spotify links are attached, but if you love the song as much as I do, feel free to throw down 99 cents! I know I sure did.

iTunes (99 cents) - Buy here!

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