Monday, November 21, 2016

On Feeling Thankful.

I've been wanting to participate in a couple "Thankful Thursday" linkups I've been seeing around the blogosphere as of late, but as per usual, I'm behind the times...well, mostly just behind. But that's neither here nor there! Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and it's even starting to feel a little chilly down here in Tampa (for the next 48 hours, anyway). Nothing puts me in a better mood than time appropriate fall weather. So without further ado, I will join the masses and address exactly what I'm thankful for this year, this week, this moment:

This year: 
  • Getting into graduate school!
  • Having a flexible job that allows me to work as much or as little as I need to.
  • Having all around good health.
  • Making new lifelong friends.
  • My negotiation skills that landed me a beautiful new car with a killer monthly payment (& no down payment).
  • Finally knowing exactly what I want to do in life, while also realizing that there might be dreams out there that I don't even realize I have yet. 
This week:
  • Finding out I have an awesome supervisor for next semester...and I get to work with kiddos so soon!
  • Having an experienced, intelligent supervisor this semester to guide me through the whirlwind that is clinic.
  • Starbucks breaks & dinner dates.
  • A clean apartment.
  • New twinkly lights in the bedroom.
  • Egg + turkey bacon + basil + tomato + spinach sandwiches.
  • Realizing we have just 17 days until we go to NY! 
    This moment:
    • My hot soy chai tea latte.
    • Chilly weather and cozy cardigans.
    • Getting to love the best guy I know.

    What are you thankful for? And more importantly, HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR THANKSGIVING?! Gimme all da ham, plz. 


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