Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tea Talk Tuesday | Volume 4.

I can't stop watching How I Met Your Mother. I don't know what took me so long to hop on this train, but I am so glad I finally did. I love that the episodes are super short, which makes it a perfect study break show...although because they're so short, sometimes that "one episode break" turns into three. Sorry not sorry. This is the first show to make me actually laugh out loud in awhile. Plus I have a whole new appreciation for Jason Segel! Already a quarter through season two, can't stop won't stop.

I went to my first hot yoga class! I took my first class at CAMP Tampa last night with a couple of my girlfriends and fell in love. The class was called hip hop flow, and it was an hour and fifteen minutes of yoga in a 95+ degree candle lit room with hip hop music playing throughout. I've never sweat so much in my life...and that's coming from someone who has lived only in Florida. I was literally soaking through my shirt & my braided hair looked more like a rat's nest by the end of class, but it felt so good. If you're in the Tampa Bay area, it's definitely worth checking out. Look into their Facebook page for updated information, but right now use code STMAG for a free class!

We're three weeks away from New York...ah! Ryan and I booked a trip immediately following finals to NYC! We'll be staying with some of his family in Long Island the first two nights of the trip, and then head into the city/stay in Brooklyn with his sister the last two nights. We don't have a single thing planned yet, but I'm excited to see the city during Christmas time. The Rockerfeller tree + ice skating is definitely on our list of to-do's, but if you have any other suggestions about what to do in the city this time of year, please let me know!

It's starting to get a little chilly down here in Florida. Chilly is a relative word, I suppose. But recent lows have been in the mid to upper 50s, and this weekend it's supposed to drop into the 40s. WHAT. Time to break out the sweaters! Or in my case, time to buy new sweaters...with the money I don't have. There goes reality biting me in the ass again. Ouch.

I'm still not "over" this election yet, and I don't plan to be. And if you are, that's totally your prerogative. But I will continue to ask that you figure out a way to empathize with those individuals who might feel differently for reasons you might not fully understand. A little compassion isn't such a bad thing to have in a world that can be so filled with hatred, is it? Can we at least agree on that?

So what's new in your life this week?


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